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As a member of the McCain Foods Group of Companies, The Day & Ross Transportation Group is committed to sustainable growth, guided by our principles of safety, integrity, quality and social and environmental responsibility. To us, that means continually working to enhance the quality of our products and services, and to preserve the quality of the environment wherever we operate by minimizing our impact on the land, water and air we use. We regard compliance with the law as a minimum standard to be achieved. Our aim is to continuously improve our environmental performance by finding effective ways to reduce the adverse impacts of our business. The Day & Ross Transportation Group is a certified SmartWay Transport Partner, an initiative of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The LCV (Long Combination Vehicle) has made its debut with Day & Ross Freight. An LCV unit consists of a power unit and two 53 foot trailers. Hauling two 53 foot trailers with only one power unit and the unit travelling at a maximum speed of 90km/h reduces fuel consumption, prolongs the life of the tires and reduces the risk of accidents with the slower speed and less equipment on the highways. In addition, the number of axles distributing the 62,500kg over 40m will create less stress on our roads, resulting in safer roads with less maintenance required for upkeep.

A few other environmental initiatives include:

  • Smartway — The Day & Ross Transportation Group has been a SmartWay Transport Partner in good standing since 2009.
  • New fleet - low emissions — All new vehicles within the Day & Ross fleet are mandated to be the new lower emission vehicles
  • Recycle tires and oil — Our waste oil is collected as need be for recycling, our used steel/aluminum parts removed from trailers are collected weekly for recycling, and our old tires removed from trailers/trucks are sent down to our main maintenance facility to be recycled
  • Speed governors — All vehicles are equipped with speed governors to reduce speed and fuel usage.
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